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Lowest Hair transplantation Cost in India, Dubai and United State by AK Clinics

Date Added: April 18, 2012 06:08:59 AM
Author: Alen Border
Category: Health: Men's Health

Hair transplant surgery is a lifelong investment for your self-image and self-confidence. It is like any other cosmetic surgery depending on the patient's existing condition and desired outcome and the cost varies according to the transplanted hair. Hair transplants work by taking grafts of healthy hair (tiny pieces of just a few follicles) from one portion of the patient's scalp (usually the "horseshoe fringe" portion, which goes from ear to ear). This part of the scalp is known as the donor site. Hair transplant surgery is cost-effective in India now. Many foreigners prefer to come to India because of two reasons one they get quality treatment at low prices and secondly India is a tourists destination so they get to visit the lovely and beautiful places in India as well. The Hair Transplant Cost depends on the amount of hair restoration a person desires. It is not a costly affair now. It is because of the reason that the medical professionals in India are very experienced and skilled and their medical fees are quite reasonable as compared to other parts or developed countries of the world. Moreover Indian doctors provide the combination of caring, good skilled, well-trained team with comfortable ambience where you can spend hours with music, food and relaxation without fear. The hair transplant consultation is easily one of the most important steps of a hair transplant procedure because it allows the client to raise all of his or hers questions and concerns. The very first step is to find a hair clinic with a good reputation and schedule a consultation. Scheduling another consultation at a different clinic can also be good to get a second opinion. But a hair transplant is permanent and making sure that expectations will be met can be an overwhelming task. During the consultation the doctor will assess the hair loss and suggest a plan for restoring the hair. The hair transplant will most likely be conducted with one of the two major hair transplant methods, the Strip or the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. FUE hair transplant is the most advanced method which gives eternal and appealing look to the person. It is faster and less painful than any other technique. Some doctors charge by graft while others charge by session. Some hair transplant surgeries can take only one session, while others may take up to five or more. Sessions can last from five to 10 hours. Depending on personal preference (for both the doctor and the patient) and on the size of the surgery, either general or topical anesthesia may be used. The real determining factor in the final price tag on hair transplant surgery is the number of grafts the patient needs. Often, grafts will become cheaper with an increase in the number needed. For men not willing or able to undergo the expensive hair transplantation surgery, there are many non-surgical options. The alternatives include toupees, hair pieces, wigs and hair loss medication. Toupees and hair pieces are small pieces of natural human or artificial hair that are attached to the scalp to cover the balding areas. Wigs are made of natural human hair and cover the entire head of a person when attached to the scalp. Many men, however, choose hair loss medications as a way to counteract baldness. However, medications do not always produce the best results, and over time can be quite expensive as well. A few things will affect the price of a hair transplant surgery, including the extent of necessary sessions, just how full the patient wants his or her hair to be; the doctor's individual prices, including facility fees, blood tests, medication and anesthesia.