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A Review of Popular translation agencies in Singapore

Date Added: April 24, 2012 07:23:48 AM
Author: Andrea Tan
Category: Business & Economy: Services: Translation

There are many translation agencies in Singapore that you may be aware of, this article will give you insights on who is certified translation agency with whom you can work with. There are agencies specializing in website translation services, certificate translation services which are approved by embassies, courts, businesses and govt. offices. Certified translation agency In Singapore, you should be careful in choosing the service provider, you need a certified translation agency for certificate translation services. All translation agencies work will not acceptable for embassies, courts and local businesses, you need to verify the same before you assign the work. Agencies like Lyric Labs is certified for the translation services in Singapore Approved translation vendors As a client you have to choose your translation vendor, find out what are all approved vendors for embassies, courts, govt. offices before you choose one. Lyric Labs in Singapore is one of the approved translation agencies in Singapore specializing in certificate translation services. The company works With more than 1500 professional and certified translators worldwide to offer translation services in more than 142 languages. This translation agency in Singapore is a one stop service provider for many companies, Govt. Offices and individuals in Singapore. Multilingual Publishing Publishing or otherwise localizing in any other language than English or Chinese is a difficult task for companies in Singapore. Companies like Lyric Labs offers multilingual publishing in more than 100 languages, this means the company engages graphic designers and Desktop Publishing (DTP) specialists across the globe to offer this solutions for clients in Singapore. This translation company also specializes in localizing websites in other languages other than English and Chinese in Singapore. Website translation Services Website translation is key for any business in Singapore. In today's context all clients in Singapore wants customers from around the globe, this means there are customers who cannot understand English or Chinese. In such scenarios as a client you need to keep your website ready for non English speaking visitors who can become your prospective customers. Engage translation agency like Lyric Labs who can translate the content in to 142 languages plus also publish the same for you. Certificate translation Services As an individual or as a business, you may have to deal with the govt. offices or embassies for approvals, licenses, Visa's etc. when you submit your document to the govt. officials they will also you to translate the same into either English or in Chinese for records. Then you may have to find a certificate translation agency in Singapore who can offer this service and get the translation done and submit it back to the Govt. Officials. It is very important that you know to choose a translation service provider in Singapore who is approved by these offices before you engage them. As many translation service providers do not use certified translators and do machine translation, there are chances of your document getting rejected by the officials. So carefully choose the translation service provider before you engage. ISO 9001, DIN EN 15038 Certified There are many translation agencies in Singapore are approved by quality managers for ISO 9001 procedures. This means the quality of work has been already verified and certified by a third party company to make sure customers are benefited. There is DIN EN 15038 which is the only standard for linguistic services, as a customer chooses a translation agency in Singapore who is an ISO 9001, DIN EN 15038 certified translation company. Accordingly to a source, Lyric Labs is the only ISO 9001, DIN EN 15038 certified translation agency in Singapore with more than a decade of translating experience. Cost Savings You should check if the translation agency demonstrated the process than gives you a cost savings. Companies like Lyric Labs claim to offer 30-40% cost reduction when you use their services as they are a lean and scalable organization. When you have more and a decade experience and a strong working relation with translators in Singapore and driven by tools and technology a 30% cost saving is possible is what we wish to conclude.