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Avoid These Negative Lead Generation Habits

Date Added: April 27, 2012 06:37:20 AM
Author: Hannah Hamilton
Category: Business & Economy: Marketing and Advertising

Browsing the Web, I’m pretty sure that you get to encounter some tips on how to be successful in business to business lead generation. This article meanwhile will talk about some negative habits to stay away from when it comes to generating b2b leads. * Having impractical expectations. Most marketers make the common mistake of aspiring (or over promising) lead figures to the sales persons. At the height of enthusiasm in the likelihood of getting a huge sales target, for example, the Vice President for Sales may ask its marketing counterpart to agree on a big number of leads. Then, the Vice President for Marketing (being such a good team player and all), will most likely to say, “Okay, we could deliver this number of leads by the following quarter.” Then, unfortunately, come the end of the quarter, sales department fails to achieve its target revenue and the overly ambitious lead plan fizzles out. So, the overly-idealistic marketing manager gets his share of the blame although he did great in lead generation process. As you establish your marketing agenda, you have to make sure of the accuracy in calculating approximately the cost of leads as well as the quantity. * Not realising the objectives. In business to business firms, the usual objective is income generation. Let’s say that if the sales department accomplishes its revenue goals, marketing would be more often to be perceived as a healthy ingredient of the campaign. On the other hand, if the sales department misses its target, the marketing department can also be seen as a contributor for the disappointment; and you don’t want this kind of scenario. If marketing is allied with sales and agree on the needed quality and number of leads, the latter will be most likely to be seen as a helpful supporter rather than as a barrier to success. * Waiting for the circumstances to be “perfect”. In terms of lead generation campaign, pro-active people who never wait for the “right” conditions are more likely to succeed than those who tend to analyse more since they generate more leads quicker. Don’t forget that it’s a fast-paced and competitive world out there and when the time comes that you already know what to do, most likely, your rival has already made a move and you’re left on the gutter. Taking action is the most important part of the process. * Too much too soon. What I mean is attempting several new things at the same time. Yes, it’s always a good idea to seek new lead generation ideas, target audiences and media. However, try to be mindful not to be caught in the hype of the new ideas and imagine your leads before these leads are even actualised. Usually, the anticipated new campaign does not yield to the expected outcome but would leave you with very minimal resources to work on substantial efforts. In the end, it’s always helpful to strengthen your marketing efforts with new lead generation techniques, but this should not compromise your entire campaign. Hannah Hamilton works as a professional consultant. She helps businesses in UK increase their income by lead generation and appointment setting services via telemarketing. To know more about this visit