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For exotic dining experience find best restaurants in your area

Date Added: May 07, 2012 08:47:26 AM
Author: Sandip Patil
Category: Entertainment: Food and Drink

Know the list of best restaurants to take the family. Our Diners' Choice lists are the most reliable way to find the best restaurants in your area. Celebrate Weekend on may 05, 2012, by enjoying the best dinner in town at top-rated restaurants. Whether you're looking for an intimate affair to share with close family, or an out-of-doors evening spent soaking in the springtime with mimosas and eggs Benedict, you're sure to find the best restaurants with the help of our extensive list of restaurants, cafes, and Cuisines. The best part about Zafraan Exotica is its outdoor seating: criss-crossing bamboos, lush foliage and gurgling water bodies put you at ease instantly… The restaurant offers an elegant and exotic dining experience, true to its name. The al fresco food and dining area is a better choice than sitting indoors. You could well be on a Balinese island, but the wafting aromas of home-cooked food and spices tell you, you are not! If you are in Hydrabad or in Bangalore or in any metropolitan city of India you can discover a good number of restaurants offering a variety of food like Hydrabadi Biriyani, Kerala special cusine, Bengali specials, Punjab ka tandori, roti and tadka and so many in numberable delicious food. Zafraan Exotica is a better choice for the nippy evenings Hyderabad is known for. With a name likes ‘Zafraan Exotica’ you least expect the restaurant to dish out Chinese fare, but it does! We recommend you go with what the name conjures up: NW Frontier cuisine, Hyderabadi delicacies and Mughlai cuisine. The must-try include daal zafraani, laal-maas, mutton biryani, kadak seekh kebabs, tikkas, tandoori and sea food platter, etc. Other in-house specialties include Talwari kebabs, chicken Pakhtooni, and of course butter chicken served with hot, buttered naan. When it comes to desserts, the angoori rasmalai with a blush of saffron, will have you begging for more. The food here is amazingly good, and you are bound to return for more… Hyderabadi elegance and refinement filter into the culinary delights of the city. Especially when you’re dining at ‘Aish’… Few restaurants are dedicated to royal Hyderabadi cuisine. ‘Aish’ offer a journey into the almost-forgotten style of Nawabi cuisine. While creating the menu for ‘Aish’ (the story goes) several aristocratic families of the city were consulted and some of them have parted from their deeply guarded, secret family recipes. So what you get at ‘Aish’ is what the Nawabs once feasted on… Try the narangi keema infused with orange zest, chowgra or a medley of six vegetables seasoned with whole spices, the safed quorma exudes the richness of ground cashew nuts, khajoor paneer ke dhol, shikampuri kebabs, sufiyani pulao, haleem and mutabbak which is an unusual layered flaky paratha, interspersed with chicken and egg--quite akin to its distant Indonesian cousin, martabak. Andhra Food selections include the spicy gongura chicken, Nellore fish curry and mutton chukka. Stop by to inhale flavours from the past… Expect flickering tea candles, tall bamboos and a glassy lily pond, all carefully overseen by the watchful eyes of serene-looking Buddha statues. There is a soft hush all around, broken only by a gentle rustle as the breeze wafts through the foliage… Rim Naam has an instantly calming effect, as soon as you step in. The menu at this al fresco restaurant is an unique distillation of the choicest Thai cuisine, with a special emphasis on fresh sea food. Most dishes are stir fried, retaining freshness, flavour, colour and the perfect crunch. Chef Sakphon Jornthaisong waves his magic wand to conjure up delicacies like steamed fish with lemon zest, coriander prawns, Pandanus chicken and pokchoy. Get started with a bowl of steaming Tom Yum /Tom Kha, raw papaya salad, skewered satay or crab cakes served with a sticky plum sauce. This fine-dining restaurant’s signature dish is perhaps the stir-fried lobster in a slightly sweet basil sauce and the Kaeng Massaman a thick curry dominated by crushed peanuts. Sliced tenderloin, marinated in Thai herbs and deep fried just melts in the mouth, while the white snapper with shredded garlic exudes a delicate flavour. I came across Buzzintown and found it is one of the premium event and entertainment portal which provides updated information about Food and Nightlife, events, food festivals, movies, news and many more.