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Running multiple stores in magento

Date Added: May 11, 2012 07:12:34 AM
Author: lens mark
Category: Computers & Internet: Information Technology

MAGENTO eCOMMERCE Magento supports multiple websites with one single installation. One of Magento's advanced features includes running multiple stores in Magento. It is one of the most advantageous feature of Magento e-Commerce store. We don't like a website with too much content and products on a single web page. Customers and users hate to use websites having too many products, categories and sub-categories in it. But, if you are an owner of a website running an online web-store, you need to put all your products online, no matter how many products are there, because that's the business for you. So, here Magento's killing feature will help you. Magento is an open source based E-commerce web application. It allows us to manage and efficiently handle multiple websites and online stores using a single Admin panel. Thus, eliminating the complications and dilemma that website owners face when they need to run their multiple stores together and that too with the ease. WHY MAGENTO ? Magento platform provides online merchants with anomalous services and authority over the website look, structure, functionality and content management of their online stores. Magento has Multi store functionality which offers its client a flexible way to Control multiple online stores with a single Magento installation. More importantly it allow users to run thousands of websites and online stores, having different domain names and different IP's using only the Single Admin Panel. In order to run your online business, you need to display all your products and services online whether thay are more than thousands in number. But this sometimes can make your site looks clutter. So, the best solution is to create multiple web-stores having different products. We can create one main parent website having multiple child websites with each child website linked to the main platform which is our parent website. Now using this main platform or central website you can efficiently manage and handle all your web-stores and their products using only one interface. Magento also provides a wide range of other outstanding features such as Check-in, Check-out, Pricing Options, Add to cart feature and many more saving your both time and cost, Thus taking your online business to the next level of success. HOW MULTIPLE WEBSITES AND STORES WORKS IN MAGENTO ? Magento multiple store functionality is perhaps the best feature in the magento commerce. It enables users to manage multiple stores using only a single admin area. Lets understand how multiple websites and stores works in magento. Let us assume that we want to sell wines/drinks, Electronics item and Mobiles. Now for this purpose, We will need to separate catalog into two stores and three different websites. The wines/drinks will be sold on one website and the remaining items on another website. Now if you want customer data and order data to be shared between the two websites, you can turn on the configuration option between them and if you don't want data to be shared on two websites, then you can easily turn-off the configuration between them. Now under second website, we can create two stores - Electronics and Mobiles. Here Electronics item will be sold through the Electronics store and Mobiles through the mobile stores. It would be beneficial to create a Separate Category Structure for the Electronics store and mobile store, otherwise the category structure for them would be large and cumbersome. Now when both the stores are created, you simply assign a different root category to each of the store. You can also feature your catalog for both the websites in different languages. One additional feature is that you can switch store views in the admin to create the additional product titles and description. HOW TO SET UP AND MANAGE MULTIPLE STORES IN MAGENTO Magento provides Multi-Store feature & it allows to Set Up Multiple Magento Stores Using One Single Admin Area. With the latest release of Magento Commerce it is much easier to set this up multiple Magento stores and multiple domains that share the same admin area. This is very useful for online store owner if you have a lot of stores that share the same or related products and you wish to manage it from one central location. You can also be able to track your sales and customers without having to login to the different Admin areas of each website. A single Magento installation will be enough to run multiple stores having different domain names and different IP’s . You can optionally setup single checkout for each store as well. Multistore is one of the greatest revolution in shopping cart websites. The concept of Mutistore increase in use and demand of multiple webstores at one place. Now a days many webstore owners are compiling their webstores at one place with the help of Magento's Multistore functionality.