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Reading fiction enhances creativity

Date Added: May 23, 2012 08:25:17 AM
Author: sharwan
Category: Blogs: Education

Cognitive scientists believe that fiction has its origin in the games. As children engage in imaginative worlds, adults do when they read a story. And as a final production with an undefined develops children's ability to design and evaluate alternatives, a well-written piece of fiction does the same with adults. Reading fiction can enhance our creativity in exposing the fantastic stories and narratives that would otherwise not vivenciaríamos reading nonfiction. The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera But perhaps the biggest increase creativity of fiction is what the literary critic Viktor Shklovsky said about fiction essays and articles: make the familiar strange, so we look at things in a new light. Fiction allows us to compare how they work the ideas and human experiences in a world of make-believe with regard to their functioning in real life. These comparisons, we can start thinking about ideas profoundly different ways. I like to think that fiction leads us to refocus on later, and during this reorientation, new ideas arise in our minds. What kind of fiction I read? In a telephone interview, Dr. Oakley asked if there is any kind of fiction that men should read in particular. He replied that we must read whatever interests us, whether novels or serials superficial Russian intellectuals. "Our studies show that the effect of fiction in the mind independent of literary quality," he says. He actually encourages people to read a wide variety of fiction, so "get to know more people in more circumstances." So go ahead. Read those novels of Louis L'Amour and Michael Crichton no fault. You are helping yourself to become a charismatic dynamo-social. As mentioned earlier, suspense novels can work more precisely his theory of mind, because they require adivinhemos hidden intentions of a group of suspects based on subtle clues left by the author. So put on your face Hammett, Chandler and Christie is likely to be beneficial and will certainly be enjoyable. And though the novels of Jane Austen are repudiated by men, they also provide a good essay when working with his Theory of Mind. Staying connected on who is interested in who and what they really mean those subtle mannerisms Victorians will fry your brain, but it will make you stronger social skills in the question. Confession: I recently read Sense and Sensibility and really enjoyed. Dr. Oatley suggests two books he recently read and thought we were going to like men: Lowland and The Reluctant Fundamentalist . Conclusion: Make sure to mix fiction with readings of their preferences for nonfiction. This will make it a better man and more successful.