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"Gays," Crazy, Atheists and Old

Date Added: May 28, 2012 10:27:03 AM
Author: sharwan
Category: Arts & Humanities: Education

The reader may think that there is no relationship between the concepts above. There is. All persons are stigmatized by society. We could add others: black, tall, obese, paraplegic, people with AIDS, leprosy, bald, short and many others. The Greeks coined the term "stigma" to refer to bodily signs with which they tried to show something extraordinary or bad in their possession. The signals showed that the bearer was a slave, a criminal or a traitor. Once the signal carrier, that person should be avoided, particularly in public places by non-owners of the signs. Today the "brands" have branded the other symbolisms. Men always classified objects, animals or themselves. By categorizing, imagine being assembling individuals or the like and thus classify the dog, man, stone, and the bird fleas. To meet all in a group, isolate one or more characteristics of the subjects observed - without valuing others - and we believe that the features emphasized indicate the similarity in this essay. Once done, give names to certain members gathered and come to think of them as equals and treat them as such. So, is nothing more stigmatizing than sorting people select certain similarities between them. However, it is different from the neutral ratings, by imagining that the individuals selected (obese, bald, elderly, blacks, etc..) Are worse than the selectors. It is different from scientific classifications, identified here as an attribute that is envisioned by the labeler as negative. Scientists do not devalue a rock or not to have a certain hardness, color or brightness. However, stigmatizing notice prejudiced or excess fat, skin color, sexual orientation, age or religious belief as negative, bad, undesired or non-estimated. Once invented the profile of the stigmatized, the labeler thinks that he, not having the factor depreciated, rather than someone else. All very simple. There are many stigmas as physical (blind, deaf, paraplegic, etc..), Behavior (weak, dishonest, insane, drugged, unemployed, homosexual, radical political) as well as race, nation and religion. The stigmatized, as the dogma of biased, negative traits carry stimulating your attention. Once developed the classification, the classifier no more values, or do not notice the other attributes of the person that would invalidate the classification made. According To the essay, give a false credibility to biased ideas, the prejudiced, demagogically, construct a theory or ideology trying to support or explain the "inferiority" of the stigmatized, and also warn people against the danger of contact with these: "It's crazy . And fools are dangerous, for they know not what they do. I know who killed your father. " "It's a black, they are lazy by nature." "It's an atheist. Those who do not believe in God, have strange ideas. For them everything is normal, because fear nothing. " These pseudo-theories, passed by word of mouth, unfortunately are accepted, shared and taken as true for a large proportion of the population.