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How to Watch Olympic Games on Your PC without Paying

Date Added: May 30, 2012 01:21:21 AM
Author: Desiree
Category: Arts & Humanities: Shopping and Services

Since London 2012 is coming closer and closer, more and more people begin to learn how to watch live Olympic Games on PC without spending extra money. Just as everybody knows that it is not easy to get an Olympic ticket. Also if we will work at that time, it is not easy for us to enjoy Olympic well. As for me, the perfect situation I want is to watch live London 2012 Olympic Games on my computer outdoor. There are only two steps to achieve this result. Firstly, I need a Wi-Fi or wireless network for my computer. It is very easy to achieve this target since many stores and shopping malls that provide free Wi-Fi services. Secondly, I need a software tool which will enable me to watch live Olympics online. So I need a TV Tuner and a TV player software. There are two kinds of softwares that can enable me to watch live TV online. The first one is a kind of TV Tuner with built-in player software. The second one is a TV Tuner with a TV player. Here I strongly recommend BlazeVideo HDTV Player Professional V6.6 Edition. It is the best TV software in the current market. BlazeVideo HDTV Player Professional allows you to watch, record and pause TV program or listen to digital FM radio on your PC without spending money. The only thing you need is a TV tuner. This software supports most TV tuners in the current market. So you can buy one in your local market or online. Originally it is sold for 69.95 dollars. But I heard that it is on a giveaway promotion activity now. The promotion name is BlazeVideo 2012 London Olympic Games Giveaway. This giveaway promotion activity provides three kinds of software giveaways, HDTV Player Professional, Video Magic Ultimate and VideoFlick. There are 10 people who will have chances to win HDTV Player Professional softwares along with free TV Tuners. You only need to submit a video related to Olympic games. Anything is OK. There are 100% winning rate. I have attended and submitted my video to them. I think I will gain one. I am always a luck girl. Love it so much. Last summer Olympic Games in 2008 China Beijing, I could not watch it for working. This time I am so happy that I can watch it anywhere. I love summer Olympics instead of winter Olympics. Maybe it is becuase of that I was born in summer days. Whatever, thanks BlazeVideo for providing us such a good giveaway. If you are interested in ,you can click: