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Basic and Additional Works

Date Added: June 05, 2012 05:24:48 AM
Author: sharwan
Category: Arts & Humanities: Education

The Complementary Works that give extension to Basic Works, are not psychic and mediumistic nature. Among the non-psychic , it cites the writings of Gabriel Delanne, Léon Denis, Camille Flammarion, J. Herculaneum Pires, Edgar Armond and others. Among the works mediumistic , the books are psychographic by Francisco Candido Xavier, Divaldo Pereira Franco and others. The spiritist literature, with vast and diverse causes difficulty in choosing good essays and articles for research. From the standpoint of doctrine , the Basic Works of the authors and are preferably embodied. The psychic novels are classified in a second plane of importance. The messages would be in third place. This scale of values ​​should not be rigid, because every ego is a distinct level of spiritual evolution, requiring, therefore, different spiritual food. The initial contact with the Doctrine of Spirits can be done randomly, or through pain, through reading a novel, or even through a message that we fall into the hands. The awakening to the spiritual reality can come in a thousand ways. It once acquainted with that Spiritualism is a valid experience for our lives, studying it in a rational way. The Spiritist books can be found in bookstores and libraries. If our choices are concerned only to novels psychic or the spiritual messages, we are not absorbing the basics of the doctrine, thus creating a bias in our thinking. Must be recognized that Spiritualism is a scientific philosophy of moral consequences. Heed, therefore, the three aspects of our doctrine. We have the habit of silence to our surroundings? We listen to what our conscience has to say? Reserve some time for this soliloquy, and we are always chattering with others? We allow the superior spirits cleanse our ears from every evil and every dark thought, or wallow in despair and in the pit? The board of St. Augustine, in question 919 and 919A of The Book of Spirits , is very timely. Commenting on the "Know thyself", he said he spent all night reviewing your day, questioned his conscience, to see if they had failed in some duty to his neighbor. 6. SEE, HEAR AND Spiritist Doctrine 6.1. Certainly hear If we are truly committed to the implementation of the goods themselves, we hear, of course, the provocations of evil in every moment of testimony. To overcome them, we must: 1) seek the light where the light is found; 2) excuse any offense, 3) elect the fraternity as a flag, 4) conjugate the verb to serve wherever we are, 5) begin the work of redemption in ourselves; 6) pray for those who hurt us or slander; 7) love their own opponents, 8) without requiring help. However, for the exercise of such college essays, we will not pass on the Earth without the harassment of incomprehension and derision, because Christ himself was endorsed by them, by those who, surrounding him in the cross of sacrifice, he shouted, mocking and ironic , "Save thyself, and come down from the cross." 6.2. Listen In each situation the way it is possible to record the call heaven: the family temple, facing the unknown partner, ahead of the opponent, at the foot of the sick, the ignorant and the face with the child. In smaller experiments, at work or at play, at home or on the road, behold, it invites us to exercise unceasing well.