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Oneskate Web DirectoryKnow the Importance of Being Linked to Popular sites

In order to achieve high PR ranking by Google the importance of being linked to being paramount, as back linked are one of the most critical factors. Backlink is just the link at the bottom of the other website page. There were days when Meta tags were used for the introduction of keywords, but spammers exploited this, so the backlinks came into action.

Curious to see how it works?

Just type your desired keyword into Google and then, click one the highest ranked site. By sending an email, ask the site if they are willing to exchange links with your site. This means that you will receive a link to your site and the other website owner will display your link in theirs.

The popularity and the Google rank these days are based on the importance of being linked to and so the site with the highest PR score (i.e. page rank) will give you outstanding results. If you do this with every site then your PR may increase, and sites with less PR get spidered up. Therefore, its better you email every site you find just in case any webmaster denies you still have the other option.

About Reciprocal link

When two webmasters make an agreement to post a hyperlink for each other’s site on their own sites it is called as reciprocal link. The importance of being linked to is also related to the readers, as they get the quick access to the related sites with the use of reciprocal links. However, reciprocal linking does not improve the ratings as much as the links do, but two-way links are essential. If you are new to the internet, then these reciprocal links are extremely useful in search engine optimization. For instance, you have a new website and want trade links with the other decent site, but they will usually not be interested as you are at zero rating. Nevertheless, you should never give up!

The main aim is to be noticed, that is the sole reason why these websites are built. Whatever the goal may be you have to be noticed by the consumers worldwide, so the website is just the beginning. Pick search engines like Google and Yahoo to get a better ranking. To increase your ranking you need to build up links; this method is used to spread your link throughout the net, but do not forget to learn the basics about the importance of being linked to.